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Top 10 Financial Risk Management Solutions Companies- 2022

Financial stability is essential for a business to maintain its leadership position in a specific market segment. Many companies are hiring individuals with proficient expertise in the financial management domain who can monitor the transactions and cash flow and guard the organization against any financial risks. Moreover, they acknowledge the opportunities in the corporate sector, which can generate huge returns.

Developing the right risk management strategies and finding ways to manage risks are crucial aspects of financial risk management today. Strategies for managing risks include avoiding, reducing, sharing, and retaining them.

Over the past several decades, cloud computing, non-traditional data, and machine learning (ML) have significantly improved organizations’ analytical capabilities to understand financial risks. These solutions provide organizations with greater control over the factors contributing to risk or a loophole. From one single location, they are able to manage everything.

Organizations must understand, evaluate, and mitigate financial risk to achieve long-term success. Paying off loans on time, carrying a healthy debt amount, and delivering products on time are all finance-related objectives often hindered by financial risk.

However, in the current market, many companies claim their software to be the “holy grail” of financial risk management. But most of them do not align with the individual requirements of an organization or allow them to address business-specific scenarios.

In this edition, our aim is to provide readers with insight into the current financial risk management sector and the innovations happening taking place in this area. This will help readers to make more informed decisions regarding their financial risk management strategies.

    Top Financial Risk Management Solutions Companies

  • TENET Financial offers best-n-class risk/reward return based on applying its proprietary underwriting methodology and risk management strategies. TENET’s underwriting and risk management strategies include: strategic loan covenants, cash equivalent narratives, structured derivative and hedge underwriting, indemnity insurances, and other insurance coverages


  • Almanack


    Almanack is an investment management firm that offers consultancy services to individuals, financial advisors, family offices, and other institutional investors

  • Finastra


    Finastra is a global fintech company that offers multitude high-value solutions to financial institutions on lending, payments, treasury & capital markets, universal banking, corporate & commercial banking, investment management, and banking

  • Kyriba


    Kyrbia is known for its authentic Enterprise Liquidity Platform (API enabled) that provides solutions in terms of Connectivity, Payments, Treasury, Risk & Working Capital solutions delivering visibility, Controls, Productivity, and data-driven decision making for CFOs and their teams

  • Ncontracts


    Ncontracts is the architect of integrated risk management and lending compliance software that offers financial institutions, fintech, and mortgage companies to achieve their risk management and compliance goals with an integrated, user-friendly cloud-based solution suite that encompasses vendor risk, organizational risk, audit risk, and lending compliance management

  • Numerix


    Numerix aims to resolve trading and risk operations related to sell-side as well as buy-side market parties with their in built innovative capital markets technology solutions and real-time intelligence capabilities

  • Palisade


    Palidise is the father of @RISK and the DecisionTools® Suite, which performs market-leading risk and decision analysis. The softwares are available across over 100 countries and used by 25 industries

  • Protecht


    Protecht is an Enterprise Risk Management Software and Service provider for most government agencies, regulators, commercial, and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes to enhance their strategic objectives through efficient, effective, and agile Risk Management

  • RapidRatings


    RapidRatings is a global firm that is standardizing the financial health transparency between business partners to handle enterprise financial risks through sophisticated, predictive analytics to provide insights on the performance of suppliers, vendors, and other third parties

  • Riskalyze


    Riskalyze is a wealth management firm and the inventor of Risk Number®. Advisors, broker-dealers, RIAs, and asset managers are the primary users of Riskalyze platform through which they establish alignment between clients and portfolios, leverage sophisticated analytics to increase the quality of their advice, automate trading, and client account management

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